No person is born with the skills and strategies to cope with life’s challenges. They are learned. We believe education is the key factor in effectively managing your loved one’s dementia care. Education can improve communication, increase support among family members, and reduce the patient and caregiver’s stress.

We believe the more knowledgeable you are, the easier your care-giving task will be.

Our Services Include:

  • Individual psycho-social therapy for Alzheimer’s and other dementia patients
  • Individual therapy for the caregiver
  • Family therapy
  • Distant caregiver services

During the course of treatment our weekly meetings cover a wide variety of issues and topics designed to provide the best quality of life during each phase of the disease.

Examples include:

  • Adjusting to, and living with, the dementia diagnosis
  • Handling stress, depression, anxiety, and caregiver burnout
  • Managing behavioral problems associated with the disease
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • How to arrange the home environment to optimize daily functioning
  • Therapeutic activities for the dementia patient
  • Life style changes to improve daily functioning

Our services are delivered where they are needed, including:

  • Therapist’s office
  • Patient’s or caregiver’s home
  • Assisted living facility
  • Hospital room
  • Telephone
  • Internet Tele-therapy

Dallas Alzheimers Therapy ServicesAdditional Services

Dr. Steigleder is committed to furthering the cause toward a better life for people diagnosed with dementia. Their numbers are growing and their needs are demanding attention.

As an experienced mental health professional, Dr. Steigleder is reaching out to mental health professionals and dementia caregivers educating them about the growing need for psychological services among this population and training them in the delivery of dementia services.

  • In-Service Training for Dementia Caregivers
  • Continuing Education Courses for Mental Health Professionals